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Presenting Speaker: Director of Media Production, International Social Impact, Sesame Workshop


Producers of kids content and producers of ads and commercials share many similarities—we walk the same neighborhood but on different streets. We set goals, strive to achieve metrics, we face challenges that get in the way of some of those goals, and we lead teams of people to accomplish what we set out to do which is to make our client or funder happy, to have our audience tune in to our show or buy our product, and to be the best at what we do. Producers all have the overly saturated marketplaces, ever-changing technologies, budget constraints and daily job pressures to battle before getting our messages across to our audiences.

As a producer of Sesame Street around the world, Veronica is no exception. Sesame Street began with an experiment to see if kids could learn educational content from watching TV the same way they learned commercial jingles. 50 years later, Sesame Street continues to experiment and find innovative ways to stay relevant, engaging, and entertaining to help kids around the world grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

In this presentation, advertisers will learn how Sesame Workshop approaches making a show for our young audiences, how we continue to shape and change with the times without compromising our brand, and how we adapt one show to the various markets around the world in over 150 countries over the past 50 years. Veronica hopes to inspire advertisers to apply similar principles and methods to their own work, especially when targeting children.

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